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Wired Magazine – Calypso Crystal

In Online on June 3, 2010 at 6:42 pm

Imagine, if you will, the world of the overprivileged, the domain of that elite group of people who long ago bought everything they wanted or needed, people whose only way to get rid of their pile of cash is to fritter it away, Brewster’s Millions-style, on expensive, glittery trash.

For these lucky individuals the price of an object is its most compelling spec, followed closely by novelty. Take the Vertu series of phones, for example, which hover around $10,000 apiece and offer such modern conveniences as GPRS connections, or color screens. Can I interest you in a $200 corkscrew, sir? Are you sure? It is made of woolly mammoth tusk, you know. Ahh, I shall wrap it for you now.

To these people, an iPhone dock cast in glass is the perfect object. The CrystalDock is nothing more than a single blob of lead-crystal glass poured into a mold (“by hand”, of course), polished, fitted with a connector and dropped into a box. The price? An satisfyingly foolish €200, or around $250 $200. There’s even the option to “upgrade” to a more sophisticated model, the €350 ($350) Aurora. This wonderful frippery is “hand-painted with platinum” and when your current-gen iPhone no longer fits, it will make the perfect Clue-style murder weapon to safe-gaurd your inheritance from that cheating wife of yours. Available now, unfortunately.

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