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La Coacha Arrives In Style Thanks To It’s A Freaking

In Blog Exposure, Online on October 1, 2010 at 5:10 am

Last night, Coachita rode in an AMAAAZING blanco hummer limo from It’s A Freaking Aghhh, it was so fun and estress-free! Ay took my entourage, wish consisted of all the angels who hab helped me in my career =)

In this video La Coacha, Perez HIlton’s Latina life coach, arrives to Millions Of Milkshakes in a white stretch limo for the release of her new shake. Coacha loved her chariot so much, she chants in her video “It’s A Freaking!”. This type of organic blogging opportunity and cross promotion is our specialty. A quick PR move that generated traffic and target market exposure for

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