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PRE ORDER: Gilbert Gottfried’s Rubber Balls & Liquor

In Blog Exposure, Online on February 11, 2011 at 3:26 am

“Gilbert is the funniest man alive. He is the comic genius of our generation. This book proves he is the Picasso of the cubist dick joke.”

“More than a national treasure, he’s a secret weapon. If we had had Gilbert Gottfried in World War II, Hitler would have given up in 1942.”

“This book crosses the line of good taste. I loved it.”

“One of the most touching, eye-opening historical accounts. One day I may even read it.”

“This is definitely the loudest book I have ever read. It changed my life. After reading it, I decided to go through transgender surgery.”

“Truly the funniest book ever, by one of the funniest guys on the planet!”

Publishers Weekly Review:
Comedian Gottfried goes for the jugular in his first humor book. As in George Carlin’s Brain Droppings, the author loves to goof on language, and he is equally outrageous, as is evident when one deciphers the transsexual pun disguised in the book’s title and the suggestive cover image. Gottfried free-associates, riffing in print with an improvisatory flair as wild as his standup routines. Blowjob and masturbation jokes punctuate a mix of memoir, angst-ridden anecdotes, and observational humor. Turning to self-mockery (“I have a face for voice-overs”), he tells how he landed the one-word role as the voice of the animated Aflac duck, and his fans will eagerly skip ahead to a chapter titled “Too Soon” about his now famous Friars Club performance two weeks after 9/11. Gottfried’s basic tactic is to deliver a dynamite line and top it with several surprises before reaching the end of each paragraph, building to guffaw-inducing jokes on almost every page. (Apr. 26)


Adam Carolla, Interior Decorator – Wall Street Journal

In Blog Exposure, National Print, Online on December 27, 2010 at 5:28 pm

Adam Carolla, Interior Decorator
The comedian picked paint colors, restored frescoes—and stuck a sports car in his office


Photographer: Ethan Pines for The Wall Street Journal
Los Angeles

Comedian Adam Carolla co-hosted “The Man Show,” a Comedy Central program known for featuring buxom women jumping on trampolines. At home, Mr. Carolla’s cartoonishly masculine persona is readily on display.

The eight-car garage, housing part of his collection of historic race-cars, Lamborghinis and Datsuns, has its own sitting room and beer refrigerator. Parked in his office, where four flat-screen TVs are arranged stadium-style, is Mr. Carolla’s prized orange 1970 Lamborghini Miura. It sits atop a hydraulic lift so it can be moved down to the garage below.

Inside Adam Carolla’s Man Cave

The large man cave in Mr. Carolla’s basement.

Then there’s what Mr. Carolla, 46, refers to as his “ace in the hole”—his large man cave in the basement. There’s a jukebox, mounted deer head and a pool table. Playing cards depicting nude women and coasters are adhered to the ceiling, and there’s a red upholstered bar facing a series of portholes that look directly into the water of his swimming pool.

Jimmy Kimmel, the former “Man Show” co-host who now leads his eponymous late-night talk show, says he likes to tease Mr. Carolla that he would install heated floors in his garage to protect his cars—but not in the bedrooms of his 4-year-old twins.

“The truth is,” jokes Mr. Kimmel, “you can’t drive your kids.”

What may surprise people, says Mr. Kimmel, are Mr. Carolla’s self-described effeminate hobbies: interior design and 1920s architecture. “I’ve got a great eye for color,” said Mr. Carolla. “I’m like a chick.” (His recently released book of cultural observations and rants is titled “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.”)

James Bond-meets-Vegas details aside, the rest of Mr. Carolla’s 5,500-square-foot Spanish hacienda-style stucco was renovated in the style of its era. (The house has two bedrooms and five baths; several bedrooms were converted to TV rooms and offices.) There are stained-glass windows, dark wood beams on rounded, vaulted ceilings and details like hardwood floors that have been hand-painted in shades of brown and pale green and outlined in gold to give them an Art Deco feel.

The entryway is a dramatic two-story, tiled room with wrought-iron railings lining the balcony hallway above. The soft blue periwinkle-and-cream-colored décor of the home’s bedroom, like everything else about the house, was Mr. Carolla’s idea.

Shortly after getting married in 2003, Mr. Carolla and his wife bought the Hollywood Hills home for $1.6 million. Mr. Carolla said the place was a wreck with “god-awful veneer cabinets” and orange paint covering hand-carved details, but “I thought, ‘There’s some bones there.’ ”

Wife Lynette had her doubts. “It was a big dump,” she said.

Photographs by Ethan Pines for The Wall Street Journal

Detail from the entry ceiling.

Mr. Carolla, who worked as a contractor before he was a full-time comedian, spent two years painstakingly restoring the home, overseeing and pitching in with the construction, and doing the engineering and interior design himself. At some points, say his wife and friends, the project became an obsession, driving Mr. Carolla, and his wife, crazy. He spent a week dismantling and moving a 90-year-old antique fireplace from his previous house by hand, photographing and numbering the ceramic tiles after removing them with a diamond blade. It took another week to reinstall it in his current house.

To bring back details hidden beneath layers of paint, he used a heat gun on interior wood beams and plaster ceilings, revealing colored frescoes. He scoured eBay and vintage stores for period fixtures.

In the kitchen, an antique sink has been re-enameled. Mr. Carolla had the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher coated in red automotive paint, then waxed, partly because he thought the heavy-duty finish would stand up to his family’s wear and tear, but also because the bright color made them “feel more of the era,” he said.

Known for his rants on topics like why classic cars should be considered artwork, Mr. Carolla gets heated when talking about the state of many historic homes in the Los Angeles area.

“It’s always the same thing, the homes get built in the ’20s, then they gut the kitchen at the worst possible time, which is 1977.”

Mr. Carolla’s one complaint about his own house is that his kids have somewhat taken over what he sees as his masterpiece. The fridge is covered with their artwork, a toy car sits in the garage, and he says they’ve done a number on some of the original dark wood floors.

Mr. Carolla said he doesn’t know how much he spent on the remodel, but that the cost was relatively low since he did so much himself. A nearby four-bedroom, five-bathroom house that was built in 1930 and recently remodeled is on the market for $4.6 million.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Mr. Carolla was the son of divorced parents who he says took little interest in keeping up their homes. In his recently released book, he says his bedroom as a kid was a converted service porch near a hot-water heater in his mother’s unkempt “dilapidated shack,” a source of embarrassment for him as a child.

“When I finally got enough money to buy my own tools,” said Mr. Carolla, “I overcompensated.”

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La Coacha Arrives In Style Thanks To It’s A Freaking

In Blog Exposure, Online on October 1, 2010 at 5:10 am

Last night, Coachita rode in an AMAAAZING blanco hummer limo from It’s A Freaking Aghhh, it was so fun and estress-free! Ay took my entourage, wish consisted of all the angels who hab helped me in my career =)

In this video La Coacha, Perez HIlton’s Latina life coach, arrives to Millions Of Milkshakes in a white stretch limo for the release of her new shake. Coacha loved her chariot so much, she chants in her video “It’s A Freaking!”. This type of organic blogging opportunity and cross promotion is our specialty. A quick PR move that generated traffic and target market exposure for

X17 Xclusive – Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla “Have A Gay Experience Together” On Adam’s B-Day

In Blog Exposure, Online on May 28, 2010 at 4:10 pm

X17 Xclusive – May 27, 2010: Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla were seen leaving Arclight Hollywood Cinema after they watched “Sex and the City 2” in honor of Adam’s 46th Birthday. Adam gave the film a thumbs up and said it was “awesome,” but when we asked Jimmy what he thought, he asked us, “can’t a couple of guys have a gay experience together without being questioned?”

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