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Fox News’ – Red Eye

In TV on November 16, 2010 at 7:13 am

Appearing on ‘Red Eye‘ (weeknights, 3 AM ET on Fox News) Adam Carolla broke down the best and worst jobs to impress women with.

The job most likely to melt a woman’s heart, according Carolla, is somebody who works with special needs dolphins (for obvious reasons).

And what job should a young man stay away from, if he desires to attract women?

“I think anytime as a male you’re looking for an occupation, it’s sort of risk vs. I’m I going to get laid,” Carolla explained. “And rodeo clown has to have one of the worst ratios ever, because, when you really think about it, nobody says ‘I want to marry a rodeo clown,’ yet you have 2,000 pounds of angry bull that you have to get in front of when the guy falls off the thing.”

Oddly, matadors, who are really just glorified rodeo clowns, tend to do pretty well with the ladies. Apparently getting to have a sword — and not having to wear face paint — goes a long way.-TV Squad

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